Aug 6, 2011


It is so weird.When you sleep,you weak up in a different mood.
Human psychology is such a treasure.Just you need to know how to stimulate it.Explore yourself .All feelings coming just because of you do not know.

Here is some tips,
Human Psychology Tips

hope you find it useful!
Enjoy your weekend :)

Aug 3, 2011

Yet the summer comes!

Hey dear readers,has been long time ha!Sorry for not updating.
I love, like, adore this duo very much.You have same idea with me?Actually Maroon 5 such a great band that is able to work with various artists.Great talent! Enjoy in this beautiful dayyy

Jul 13, 2011

Let's summer II

Cry baby cry was released on 2006.Since than I am still enjoying listening this song.
Successful duo!Enjoy in this beautiful day :)
Joss Stone&Sean Paul, Cry Baby Cry

Jul 12, 2011

Let's Summerrrrr

I can not imagine summer without Ray Charles.Love you Ray.
Ray Charles, Hit the road the Jack

Jul 11, 2011

World is not enough??!!!

Welcome to Nil's world.Everybody has its own world,isn' it*
Nil, Bütün kızlar toplandık

Good life

Beautiful summer day deserves beautiful summer song,I guess.
So hot hereeee!!!:)
One Republic, Good life

any birthday song suggestion:)

today is my birthday.happy birthday to me:)))
every single age has its own magic. magic to everybody!!!!
especially to me for this beautiful day:)))